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Bahamas (Click Destination to learn more)

A short plane transfer from Miami brings you to this 700 island-paradise, where white-sand beaches, warm waters, and island hopping make for a memorable Bahamas wedding or honeymoon.


Though the Bahamas share warm, clear waters, diverse wildlife and friendly locals, the islands vary substantially, even from a 20 minute sea plane from one destination to the next. That’s part of the adventure when searching for the perfect island. With Destination I Do's in the Bahamas you’re almost guaranteed to find Bahamas wedding packages that capture your imagination—whether you’re planning a 150-person extravaganza or an intimate vow renewal far removed from the world. 


Wherever you get married in the Bahamas, there are abundant outdoor adventures to keep you busy. Most islands have walking tours to guide you through their cultural treasures—be it ancient ruins or famous markets. On the water, you can choose between remote bone-fishing expeditions, snorkeling, surfing, and (of course) great beaches to hang at. If you’re looking for luxury, plenty of islands cater to an elite crowd, with rejuvenating spa treatments, and great restaurants and shops.

Regions of the Bahamas (Click to view Resorts)

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