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Cancun (Click Resort to learn more)

Off the Yucatan peninsula in the Gulf of Mexico, Cancun is known for striking Mayan ruins, white sand beaches, and its flare for fun. Cancun may have earned its reputation as a party hotspot, but there’s more to this bustling resort town than meets the eye. Situated on the second largest reef in the world, the Maya Reef draws divers from all over the world with its underwater gardens and warm, clear waters. Cancun is also home to a number of cenotes, or underwater caves, which make for an unforgettable and romantic excursion to plan around your Cancun wedding. If you’re a history buff, weddings in Cancun allow you to explore numerous Mayan monuments and ruins, while shoppers will need to explore the luxury boutiques lining the hotel district. A day on white sands is also the perfect way to highlight a vacation to this Mexican paradise.


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